PicturesToExe Deluxe


Create original screensavers using your favorite images



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PicturesToExe is a complete program that lets you create animated wallpapers using images saved on your hard disk.

This tool stands out because of its ease-of-use; most likely thanks to its comfortable interface from which you'll be able to browse your folders while at the same time seeing the images they contain.

With PicturesToExe you'll no longer have to select the images you want to include in the executable file and drag them into the appropriate window. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll simply let the program merge them under the same EXE or SCR file.

PicturesToExe includes all the classic editing options for screensavers to be original: you can change the settings so as to have the images be shown randomly, define transition times between images, add music and text to the images, and select different transition effects to make them more fun.

Limited to 30 days of use; you won't be able to add more than 10 images to the executable in the trial version; a watermark is added to all files created.

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